Rubber Molding Capabilities

Rubber molding can be used to create a broad variety of rubber parts ranging from simple to complex. At Molded Products, Inc., we offer compression molding and transfer molding services that provide our customers with the rubber parts and components they need.

Compression molding is a high-pressure molding process suitable for lower and high-volume production of complex rubber parts. In compression molding, a preheated, uncured rubber pre-form is placed in the cavity of a heated mold. The mold is then closed off and pressure is applied to force the raw material to flow in all mold areas. The pressure and heat are continually applied until the elastomers fully cross-linked and cured.

Transfer molding forces uncured rubber from an adjacent chamber (known as a transfer pot) into an enclosed, heated mold. The rubber is typically preheated in the transfer pot in preparation for the molding process. The transfer is achieved through the use of runners, gates, and/or sprues.

Molded Products, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer and we’ve been honing our rubber molding capabilities since 1986. Our extensive knowledge and experience allow us to assist clients in selecting the optimal fabrication processes for their industry and application.

Rubber Molding Advantages and Applications

Compression molding offers a range of advantages, such as:

  • Affordability: As a relatively simple and straightforward process, compression molding offers an ideal choice for organizations looking to cut costs.
  • Less waste: Compression molding doesn’t require runners, sprues, or gates. This means that rubber materials are not wasted on ancillary equipment outside of the mold.
  • Complexity: Manufacturers can create large, detailed parts using compression molding.
  • Low Tooling Cost: Compression molds are the least expensive tools to build.

Compression molding and transfer molding span applications across a variety of industries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Construction
  • Oil and gas
  • Filtration
  • General industries

Our Capabilities

At Molded Products, Inc., we offer our customers a full range of compression and transfer custom rubber molding services. We can help with concepts, designs, blueprints, and tooling to create the perfect rubber molded product for your application.

Our facility operates 24 hours a day, five days a week to ensure expedient handling of all routine and priority work. We offer tailored turnkey solutions that address the specific needs of each customer. Available material options include natural rubber, silicone, and urethane materials.

Since 1986, the Molded Products, Inc. team has provided the best custom rubber molding services the industry has to offer. We specialize in compression molding, elastomer molding, transfer molding, and rubber-to-metal bonding. We also employ extensive quality assurance methods to ensure that every product we fabricate is of the utmost quality.

For more information about our extensive rubber molding capabilities, please contact us today.